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Gene Mark


Gene Mark - Artist Statement

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I was in high school. At first, photography was just a leisurely pastime and hobby to me. As I grew older, and spent my time on my career as a chemical engineer, photography as a hobby and pastime brightened the prosaic, day to day life I was leading. However, with time and dedication to this seemingly “hobby,” photography as I knew it grew into a serious endeavor for me.

Today, I continue my passion depicting in my photographic artwork the most subtle elements of the nature that surrounds me. I do this through trial and error, practicing and experimenting, while also taking advantage of available technology to enhance the quality of my photography. I have studied at the New York Institute of Photography and explore literature of notable authorities. I strive to achieve perfect light in my photos and concentrate on emphasizing subtle details that one may not ordinarily see at first glance of a piece of nature. Through enhancing light and emphasizing details in my photographic work, I can express the main idea of my art, which is exemplifying the beauty and wonder of the natural world around us.

In turn, I then transform my photography onto canvases that bring this beauty of nature to others and enrich the ambiance in their homes and offices. I also print my photos for greeting cards so that the message of the amazing nature all around us can be at the grasp of anyone’s fingertips and brighten his or her world too. I exhibit my work in group and solo shows.

The Magnolia

The Silk Pattern

The Lion

The Bean At Night

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