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Maggie Capettini

I’m a naturalist. I love being outdoors: gardening, hiking, exploring with the kids. I make my own soap, my own cleaning products, even my own deodorant! This word, naturalist, which is part of my essential makeup, also strongly informs my painting oeuvre and choice of subject. I paint scenes of nature in oils. I am drawn to light, to color, to the challenge of creating a sense of time and place and space. Through my paintings, I seek to express a mood, to make the remarkable familiar, to make the unremarkable grand. Water and sky, as well as the relationship between the two, are of particular interest to me. The technique of painting alla prima – completing a painting in one session – allows me to study the interplay between land, water, and sky. Recently, I have been painting en plein air – taking my easel into the great outdoors – and using painting knives in addition to studio painting and brushwork.>

Church Rock . . . 12x16, oil on linen panel

South Haven Light in July . . . 8x8, oil on linen panel

Ocotillo Sunset . . . 5x7, oil on linen panel

View From Belmont Harbor . . . 12x12, oil on gallery wrap canvas

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