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Natalie C. Helberg


Artist's Vision
I am a creator. My eyes see the image while my mind tries to capture it. That vision brings a sense of wonder, a feeling of sadness, a wave of nostalgia, a burst of hope... the images evoke the emotion that encourages the creation. This is the vision I have for my art and the message I wish to convey through my photographs.

Whether I am sitting on a log in a forest listening to the wind rustle around me or I am walking along the sandy shores of the salty ocean waves or watching nature change through the seasons, I want others to see, hear, feel, taste, smell and even touch that exact moment in time. Is this possible? That question becomes moot as long as the image presents a vision that gives the audience to pause, to think, to feel... if even for a moment.

Moments . . . 5205x3360, photograph

Alone in the Blue . . . 6000x4000, photograph

Idle Places . . . 4000x6000, photograph

Lions . . . 5490x3660, photograph

Last Slide . . . Starting over

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